Fashion has always been something temporary and insecure. You can not keep up with it. This social phenomenon is given special attention so we as consumers are always trying to stay in touch with the latest trends. Obviously there is nothing wrong in fashionable outfits because satisfying our desires to be attractive.

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  • AMEN Blouse
    Sparkles and transparency are our choices for a hot summer! This Amen top is a must have for all party girls. Pair it with jeans or even a flared skirt for a more elegant look.   100% Polyamid ..
    Ex Tax: 572RON
    572RON 1.144RON
  • AMEN Body
    Transparency can be both sexy and elegant, it's just a matter of combination when it comes to this Amen body. Pair it with jeans for a casual look or with a long black skirt for an elegant and stylish outfit.   1st Fabric 69% Polyamid 31% Elastan 2nd Fabric 100% Polyamid ..
    Ex Tax: 1.017RON
    1.017RON 2.035RON
  • AMEN Dress
    A precious little white dress is our option for a breezy summer event. This Amen sequined dress beautifully embraces the body. Pair it with nude shoes for a more innocent look.   Dress 100% Polyamid Underdress  100% SIlk ..
    Ex Tax: 892RON
    892RON 1.783RON
  • AMEN Dress
    Make a statement in this violet Amen dress, just perfect for a cocktail event! It has a tule underskirt in order to create a fairy-tale look.   1st Fabric 96% Viscose 4% Elastan   2nd Fabric 100% Polyamid   3rd Fabric 97% Polyester 3% Elastan ..
    Ex Tax: 1.557RON
    1.557RON 3.113RON
  • AMEN Dress
    Accessorize this beautiful Amen dress with opulent gold jewelry and make sure you do as Lana del Rey says in her song: "I got my red dress on tonight Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight"   1st FAbric 96% Viscose 4% Elastan 2nd Fabric 100% Viscose ..
    Ex Tax: 1.071RON
    1.071RON 2.142RON
  • AMEN Dress
    This fully lined gown is embroidered with sequins that form a floral design and it is our option when it comes to black-tie events. Accessorize it with strappy sandals.   1st Fabric 100% Viscose 2nd Fabric 100% Polyamid 3rd Fabric 100% Viscose   ..
    Ex Tax: 1.776RON
    1.776RON 3.551RON